The SafeElongate Protocol is a revolutionary tokenomics, designed to promote growth and stability. The smart contract is battle-tested and has been proven to be secure over and over again in an environment full of predatory practices. Here you can rest assured that your investment is SAFE.


Are we just another one of the 100's of SafeMoon clones on BSC? Not even close. Here we have the belief that being based and transparent with the community is the best way to operate if we want to make millionaires out of all of us as so many other based ´Safe´ projects have done for others in this space. You better believe that we have a top OG admin team and group of advisors behind this project, and complete transparency at all times. Here the community fairly decides on the future of the project.

Original Supply

1000 Trillion SafeElongate


Weak hands get REKT

Strong hands get rewarded

Circulating Supply


600T Burnt

100T locked and vested over time for Community Governance

10% Tax on Every Transaction

5% Static Reflection to all holders

5% Automatically added to Locked Liquidity

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

What makes us special and sets us apart from the rest?

With SafeElongate not only do you get all the benefits for holding the token in your wallet due to the reflection mechanism built into the smart contract, but you also have some innovative Tokenomics which promote long term growth and stability.

Here the community has voted overwhelmingly to lock a large number of tokens, 70% of the total supply (700 trillion), in a smart contract that will allow the tokens to be released over a period of 200 days. The contract will vest the tokens 100 times, so every 48 hours 7 trillion tokens will be released to the SafeElongate creator's wallet.

With these coins, there are endless possibilities we can use them for which the community will decide. Some examples being a lottery, airdrops, prizes for competitions, promotional burns, and marketing to name a few.

Always we will release the coins in a way that will have minimal impact on price, with the positive aspect of long term growth and stability far outweighing any negatives.

It's a PR paradise, but to take part in any of these activities you have to be a holder of SafeElongate!


Static Reflection to all holders


5% Automatically added to Locked Liquidity


Original Supply


Token Burn Done


Vests remaining

Are You Ready to Accelerate?


The technicalities of the smart contract will be fully explained in the white paper when finalised.

This project is 35 hours old at the time of launching this provisional website, and you can be confident that our team is working around the clock behind the scenes to make this token go where no man has ever gone before.

SafeMoon did 2000x? Then we want 5000x, and we aren´t stopping until we do.


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